Camp Beech Cliff

Whistle Pig Farm has partnered with our neighbor, Camp Beech Cliff, to offer summer riding courses for their campers. 

Whether experienced in the saddle or having never ridden a horse before, we will teach the basics of English-style riding and care of these beautiful animals. Each morning, campers will travel by van from Camp Beech Cliff the short distance to Whistle Pig Farm. Campers will spend time with both full size riding horses as well as miniature show horses. Campers will be grouped by experience level and broken into smaller groups to maximize their time with the instructors and animals. 

Mondays will be group learning / orientation; Tues-Thurs split of riding and care/grooming; Friday morning will be group “wrap” followed by mini horse show for friends and parents. .

More information about Camp Beech Cliff and their programs can be found on their website by clicking here.

(410) 336-1228

72 Bartlett's Landing Rd
Mount Desert, Maine 04660