Eddie Photo.jpg


A chestnut gelding, who is not yet under saddle.


“Eddie” is handsome, powerful, fast, and smart. Initially wary, but proven to form strong bonds with select individuals, he was our first rescue and will always have a place with us. Requiring a highly skilled rider, Eddie is a “one rider” horse and is not suitable for use in a camp / group program. When people visit the farm and see him, the response is always, “Wow!”.



A bay mare purchased at slaughter auction, Addie comes from a champion bloodline, but has “more whoa than go”. 

Used successfully for lessons during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, Addie is well-mannered, very comfortable with walk / trot, and a good beginner mount.

Addie Photo_edited.jpg


A chestnut gelding, Charlie is a new addition to the farm and was previously owned by the farm’s farrier and barn manager, Katrina Murphy.


Charlie serves as a companion to two recent mini rescues. We believe he was previously used as a camp horse. He is very affectionate, and well-suited to intermediate / advanced instruction.



Rosie (white) and Iris (paint) are class B miniature ponies saved from a breeding operation in Florida.

After being rescued, they were brought up to New Hampshire and fostered at Hidden Pond Farm. The two horses are here to teach the fundamentals of horse care on a manageable scale and we are so happy to be their forever home. 

Rosie and BLANK.jpg


A 14-year old Morgan pony, Cinnamon adds spice to our programs!


Cinnamon has a powerful yet lovable demeanor and is happy to teach beginners how to ride or gallop through the field with the more advanced riders. She is an all around horse who excels in many different disciplines. 



Olive, a rescue from the ASPCA in Baltimore, was adopted by the Riordans in 2016.

A German Shepherd/American Stafford-shire mix, Olive is here to break the stigma surrounding the breed and show just how loving, friendly, and safe pit bulls truly are. 



Millie was adopted by the Riordans in 2008 from the ASPCA in Baltimore and is a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix. 

Millie is very timid and would rather watch the action from a distance but, when she is feeling adventurous, loves to play!



Odie was adopted by the Riordans in 2020 from a local home who could no longer keep him.