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Whether experienced in the saddle or having never ridden a horse before, join us at Whistle Pig Farm to learn the basics of English-style riding, care of these beautiful animals, and life on a farm. 

Each morning, ten campers will travel by van from CBC the short distance to Whistle Pig Farm. Campers will spend time with both full size riding horses and miniature show horses while also spending time in the fields and on the shoreline exploring the farm's ecosystems . Campers will be grouped by experience level, so feel free to sign up for multiple weeks. Click here to learn more about Whistle Pig Farm.


Mondays will be group learning / orientation; Tues-Thurs split of riding, care/grooming, and on-site exploration; Friday morning will be group “wrap” followed by activities open to friends and parents. This is all while at the farm… the campers will return to CBC each afternoon for camper choice.

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